LADY DIAMOND IS A SPARKLING BLONDE MODEL WHO CUTS a fine, tattoo-adorned figure in front of the camera. Fanny Maurer is an equally striking blonde makeup artist with tattoos whose sole motivation is to make other people look amazing for the camera. They are both the blonde that you see here. “Makeup is my true calling,” says Maurer, who, after gracing more than 10 magazine covers, is leaning more toward being Fanny than Lady. “I prefer doing makeup. I’ve come a very long way since my first shoot as a model to what I do now as a makeup artist, and modeling definitely pushed me into doing makeup.”

Her work with the brush and the blush has also informed her modeling career. “I am not shy anymore when it comes to posing now that I see girls doing it every day,” she says. “Earlier, I didn’t know what to do in front of the camera, and after striking my two favorite poses I was like, ‘Huh—now what?’ Today I am just doing it in a more natural way and I feel way better in front of the camera.”

Imagery has always been important for Maurer. She was born in northeastern France but traveled the world with metal bands, and that’s when she caught the tattoo bug. Her favorite piece is the one on her left hand, not for any reason other than that it came out the way she’d envisioned it. Her least favorite tattoo—and the one she used to be most recognized for—was the star in the middle of her chest. “It was the most hideous tattoo, but it’s now getting covered up by a great piece of art done by Alix Ge, which isn’t done yet.”

Her body features tattoos of varying styles, some with meaning, some with absolutely none, like the women on her chest who were also part of a cover-up. “I love many styles, so it was hard for me to pick up only one or two,” she says. “There are so many awesome and talented artists. My favorites, other than Alix Ge, are the French mascot Tin-Tin, Jack Ribeiro, Alex Wuillot, Paul Acker, Alexis CalvieĢ, Jondix, and there are many more. I am still frustrated that I haven’t been tattooed by Jondix yet, so I’ll put him at the top of my list.”

Maurer is far from being finished with her tattoo collection, and will only draw the line at getting tattoos on her belly (stretch marks) and her face (“My dad would kill me!”).

So Jondix, we know you are busy, but if a wom- an calls to ask for an appointment, ask if her name is Lady or Fanny before you tell her you’re booked solid.